You say it ▶Mean it

You say it ▶Mean it



While enjoying my morning coffee on this Sunday … thoughts came on my mind like a flash of awareness, they came clear as the sky on a gorgeous sunny day..! Yeah… NOT REALLY!!!
It is my figurative thoughts trying to compress my emotions and feelings about the upcoming changes ahead…

Lousie Hay says on her “101 Power Thoughs  Meditation” ” The words we speak, the thoughts we think constantly shape our word and our thinking…”

Are we capable of manifesting whatever we want in life? Joy, Happiness, Health,  good relationships, our better half…

I can only speak for myself and can tell YOU that I have been holding on too long on old believes of guilt, shame and that I was not good enough! And for the last two years had been blaming myself on every level conscious  and unconscious and I had enough!

Enough of guilt… enough of thinking I was the cause of my bad falls, my abusive ex husband,  my feelings of loneliness, my obsession for perfection and my way of always pushing myself to the next level. I would even blame myself for being a single mother… for God Sake!!

We often wish to change and yet we don’t see the changes on next day. Same thing happens when you are visualizing a good outcome in your object of matter. I see this process as a little seeds. We plant. We water. We watch. We care. We constantly check. Unexpectedly it starts to grow.
Wrong us… it has grown since we planted the seed right? But our human eyes can’t see deeply. Manifestation is a process as life is a process!

It has not been easy for me too… Wished our human race be born with a manual of do and don’ts…haha
But this is what life is about :

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