“Who Sheltered Whom…”?

“Who Sheltered Whom…”?

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“Who Sheltered Whom…..”?

A few days ago, I visited a woman’s shelter located here in my city. I went to drop off several bags of clothing for one of my clients’ donations. It was interesting, because four days previous, I was revisiting memories of my own need to stay in a shelter. I wrote the first post in my new blog and mentioned that I needed a safe place to stay while fighting for my divorce and the right to stay here in the United States. I don’t why, but this brought up mixed feelings and a little tear to my eye….maybe remembering how very sad and scared I was during that time and not having anyone to look after me.

The interesting part was that I could not be helped by any shelter here, when I needed it most, because I was not yet an American citizen, at the time. I only had my driver’s license, but it was not enough to get me into a shelter, or get any kind of help related to my needs. I was helped by two amazing Americans, who gave me a safe place to sleep, and this helped me get myself back together.

Maybe this was the push I needed to keep fighting…no accommodations, no easy life, and no granted money at that time, but I managed to survive. Figuratively speaking, I didn’t wait for help to fall out of the sky. I have always been a hard worker, and during this time was no different. I worked and worked to be able to feed myself and to bring my son back from Brazil to my waiting arms.

The funny part is that years later, I am still working hard, but with a new perspective. I decided to make my own money by being self-employed, in order to enjoy the freedom of working when I wanted, and have a flexible daily schedule.

So, who sheltered whom? For years, I thought that if I was allowed to stay in a woman’s shelter and receive some kind of benefits, I could put myself in a good situation, and recover faster.

Today, I realize that I only made it through with the help from the Creator. Yes, I had to face all that by myself, because I was strong enough to accept things the way they were and to find my way out of it alone. No chances for accommodations, nor resilience.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how strong we can be when we don’t think we have it in us to be. I am happy you found your way. I was in a similar situation a few years ago. Father is always there and always helps us through.

  2. When it comes right down to we are at God’s mercy and how strong we can be in difficult situations. Can see you have travelled far in your life through God’s help.

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