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“Doctors Are A Gift From God”

“Doctors Are A Gift From God”


Last Saturday I went to see a Primary Care Physician at a new preventative healthcare project here in Atlanta called CIES, the project is mainly serving the local Brazilian community. The Primary Care physician Dr Eduardo Montana is a trained Cardiologist, but is volunteering at the project as a Primary Care physician.

I had the first appointment on a cold Saturday morning. I was very happy that I was able to meet a Cardiologist, even though he was there to consult about my general health and preventative care. When we started to talk about preventative health measures, I mentioned my heart problem and had a copy of my last CT scan from six months ago. After he looked at it, he looked at me and said ” I will do an echocardiogram right now on you to check on your problem”. It was really amazing how quickly I could have such a test done.

But honestly, I was holding in my tears. It was very emotional because of not knowing whether my heart condition had gotten worse in the last six months.

Doctor Montana mentioned that by chance he just happened to take his echocardiogram machine to the project for the first time that Saturday morning. He had never used his machine at the project before. It’s amazing how serendipity works! And that experience reinforced my feeling that “Doctors are a gift from God”.

Even with very limited space inside the project clinic (which is a converted shipping container), Dr. Montana found a nearby available space to run the echocardiogram. The CIES project is a new kind of clinic, the room is not really set up like a normal doctors office. To perform the echocardiogram I laid down on a table and used Doctor Montana’s white lab coat to cover my upper body. He showed me great kindness and his willingness to help me way beyond normal means. Even though we didn’t have a doctor’s table and the necessary apparel, that did not prevent to Doctor Montana from taking care of me. I am extremely thankful for that experience and to be able to enjoy a peaceful Holiday with family and friends knowing that I am doing fine now! 💛

At the end of my consultation, I felt so happy, I decided to donate a table to the project. I’ve know that it will be used for a good cause.

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Soul Happiness Part 2

Soul Happiness Part 2


After finishing to write the first part of my post  I have a better vision about what Soul Happiness is meaning to me at this moment.
I letf the emotions come out to the surface on my previous post regarding my health and the struggles I am facing right now. But I realized that the struggles that I feel  in part are nothing more than my own mind putting barriers to my sole understanding of my situations. Felt like it blocked me to see a better picture, to see the new outcomes and to understand that everything happens for a reason! Right!?
I believe we are fully capable to live full of positivity and happiness. Why I doubted about my own capacity and straight to over come more obstacles? If my soul is happy… I am happy ! Meaning that I am aligned to a higher purpose on this life time… on the NOW moment!
When we live on the present moment our whole perspective changes. We are not attached to past experiences or that hold us to move on. Future is yet to come…
So, the PRESENT moment it’s a wonderful stage to be! And that means SOUL HAPPINESS to me💛

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Soul Happiness

Soul Happiness


The day after Thanksgiving I caught myself wondering what Soul Happiness means to me. Trying to think about specific situations that brought me a deep feeling of fulfillment and joy. At same time not sure if those words describes what I felt on Thanksgiving Day…!

As I wrote on my previous posts, the challenges I faced and the barriers that I overcame in the past years are nothing near to the challenge I am dealing at this moment. Only I know how difficult is to make decisions and to have a sixteen years old boy under my sole care.

To those who know my history… ‘’I am the Mother and the Father of my child…” And if for some reason I don’t survive! He will be on his own.

How would you live everyday life, knowing that a decision about your health will be made or postponed every six months or so? How do you live a life with joy and happiness knowing maybe you won’t be here to see your son graduate from High School? If I am blessed to be here to see him graduate… How many years more to be around him…?

On Thanksgiving Day, of course all this questions were pounding on the back of my mind… almost screaming out loud: “- I want a solution!!!” As far as I decided to write this post to take the pressure off of my chest and to share my deepest fears.

A year and half ago I found that I have a heart problem… not going to write all the medical terminology here, but it’s a risk situation and it has kept me on “health watch” for too long! The medication that slows my heart beat and also makes me extremely tired…nothing that I can change!  To those who constantly hear me saying… “I am tired…” Its more than a physical tiredness. Now you know…ha-ha. Every six months or so, I wait for a medical decision regarding my condition… To have or have not an open heart surgery.

I felt very emotional on Thanksgiving Day to be able to enjoy this day with my son and closest friends at my house for the first time. Enjoyed cooking all day long… and eating all night long…!

Considered this day to recharge my thoughts. To renew my faith and to assure that “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT”  no matter what happens next!

To be continued…

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