You say it ▶Mean it

You say it ▶Mean it



While enjoying my morning coffee on this Sunday … thoughts came on my mind like a flash of awareness, they came clear as the sky on a gorgeous sunny day..! Yeah… NOT REALLY!!!
It is my figurative thoughts trying to compress my emotions and feelings about the upcoming changes ahead…

Lousie Hay says on her “101 Power Thoughs  Meditation” ” The words we speak, the thoughts we think constantly shape our word and our thinking…”

Are we capable of manifesting whatever we want in life? Joy, Happiness, Health,  good relationships, our better half…

I can only speak for myself and can tell YOU that I have been holding on too long on old believes of guilt, shame and that I was not good enough! And for the last two years had been blaming myself on every level conscious  and unconscious and I had enough!

Enough of guilt… enough of thinking I was the cause of my bad falls, my abusive ex husband,  my feelings of loneliness, my obsession for perfection and my way of always pushing myself to the next level. I would even blame myself for being a single mother… for God Sake!!

We often wish to change and yet we don’t see the changes on next day. Same thing happens when you are visualizing a good outcome in your object of matter. I see this process as a little seeds. We plant. We water. We watch. We care. We constantly check. Unexpectedly it starts to grow.
Wrong us… it has grown since we planted the seed right? But our human eyes can’t see deeply. Manifestation is a process as life is a process!

It has not been easy for me too… Wished our human race be born with a manual of do and don’ts…haha
But this is what life is about :

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“Doctors Are A Gift From God”

“Doctors Are A Gift From God”


Last Saturday I went to see a Primary Care Physician at a new preventative healthcare project here in Atlanta called CIES, the project is mainly serving the local Brazilian community. The Primary Care physician Dr Eduardo Montana is a trained Cardiologist, but is volunteering at the project as a Primary Care physician.

I had the first appointment on a cold Saturday morning. I was very happy that I was able to meet a Cardiologist, even though he was there to consult about my general health and preventative care. When we started to talk about preventative health measures, I mentioned my heart problem and had a copy of my last CT scan from six months ago. After he looked at it, he looked at me and said ” I will do an echocardiogram right now on you to check on your problem”. It was really amazing how quickly I could have such a test done.

But honestly, I was holding in my tears. It was very emotional because of not knowing whether my heart condition had gotten worse in the last six months.

Doctor Montana mentioned that by chance he just happened to take his echocardiogram machine to the project for the first time that Saturday morning. He had never used his machine at the project before. It’s amazing how serendipity works! And that experience reinforced my feeling that “Doctors are a gift from God”.

Even with very limited space inside the project clinic (which is a converted shipping container), Dr. Montana found a nearby available space to run the echocardiogram. The CIES project is a new kind of clinic, the room is not really set up like a normal doctors office. To perform the echocardiogram I laid down on a table and used Doctor Montana’s white lab coat to cover my upper body. He showed me great kindness and his willingness to help me way beyond normal means. Even though we didn’t have a doctor’s table and the necessary apparel, that did not prevent to Doctor Montana from taking care of me. I am extremely thankful for that experience and to be able to enjoy a peaceful Holiday with family and friends knowing that I am doing fine now! 💛

At the end of my consultation, I felt so happy, I decided to donate a table to the project. I’ve know that it will be used for a good cause.

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Soul Happiness Part 2

Soul Happiness Part 2


After finishing to write the first part of my post  I have a better vision about what Soul Happiness is meaning to me at this moment.
I letf the emotions come out to the surface on my previous post regarding my health and the struggles I am facing right now. But I realized that the struggles that I feel  in part are nothing more than my own mind putting barriers to my sole understanding of my situations. Felt like it blocked me to see a better picture, to see the new outcomes and to understand that everything happens for a reason! Right!?
I believe we are fully capable to live full of positivity and happiness. Why I doubted about my own capacity and straight to over come more obstacles? If my soul is happy… I am happy ! Meaning that I am aligned to a higher purpose on this life time… on the NOW moment!
When we live on the present moment our whole perspective changes. We are not attached to past experiences or that hold us to move on. Future is yet to come…
So, the PRESENT moment it’s a wonderful stage to be! And that means SOUL HAPPINESS to me💛

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Soul Happiness

Soul Happiness


The day after Thanksgiving I caught myself wondering what Soul Happiness means to me. Trying to think about specific situations that brought me a deep feeling of fulfillment and joy. At same time not sure if those words describes what I felt on Thanksgiving Day…!

As I wrote on my previous posts, the challenges I faced and the barriers that I overcame in the past years are nothing near to the challenge I am dealing at this moment. Only I know how difficult is to make decisions and to have a sixteen years old boy under my sole care.

To those who know my history… ‘’I am the Mother and the Father of my child…” And if for some reason I don’t survive! He will be on his own.

How would you live everyday life, knowing that a decision about your health will be made or postponed every six months or so? How do you live a life with joy and happiness knowing maybe you won’t be here to see your son graduate from High School? If I am blessed to be here to see him graduate… How many years more to be around him…?

On Thanksgiving Day, of course all this questions were pounding on the back of my mind… almost screaming out loud: “- I want a solution!!!” As far as I decided to write this post to take the pressure off of my chest and to share my deepest fears.

A year and half ago I found that I have a heart problem… not going to write all the medical terminology here, but it’s a risk situation and it has kept me on “health watch” for too long! The medication that slows my heart beat and also makes me extremely tired…nothing that I can change!  To those who constantly hear me saying… “I am tired…” Its more than a physical tiredness. Now you know…ha-ha. Every six months or so, I wait for a medical decision regarding my condition… To have or have not an open heart surgery.

I felt very emotional on Thanksgiving Day to be able to enjoy this day with my son and closest friends at my house for the first time. Enjoyed cooking all day long… and eating all night long…!

Considered this day to recharge my thoughts. To renew my faith and to assure that “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT”  no matter what happens next!

To be continued…

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” You Are Who You Are…”

” You Are Who You Are…”


My first thoughts when I think “Who Am I…” It is a sense of gratitude and peace within me. A feeling of accomplishment to just been on this moment and time and actually living on present moment. No guilt, depressing feelings and thoughts that I am not good enough or that I am not doing what I am supposed to do.

Neither to me or other… I am just letting be… My weakness and my greatness are exposed. There is no more time for masks and to promote fake actions…

BE YOURSELF 100 percent..! I know we can’t do that… society requires us to pretend, to show off, to guff of things sometimes. But having the mind set that nothing matter more than to what our feelings mean to us, it’s a precious thing. It’s a gift to yourselves. Be grateful and love one another!

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“Today I Hugged Myself…”

“Today I Hugged Myself…”


I love and appreciate myself at this present moment without fear and judgments of all kinds…

I am leaving on the NOW moment and this morning I hugged myself…

It was not a simple hug; it was a real hug… I crossed my arms around me and hugged myself…

Told me how much I love my body and everything that belongs to it… my height, my weight, my crazy curly hair, my green eyes… I just hugged myself….

Surprisingly it was my first hug to myself in 40’s years, in this life time and I am sure it will be much more…

A whole new world of possibilities opened up to me … my mind, my heart, my body and soul were united when I hugged myself….

I have Finally understood that we are no one. If we don’t love ourselves… every tiny part of it.

Today I hugged myself… Today I hugged my soul💜.

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“Who Sheltered Whom…”?

“Who Sheltered Whom…”?

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“Who Sheltered Whom…..”?

A few days ago, I visited a woman’s shelter located here in my city. I went to drop off several bags of clothing for one of my clients’ donations. It was interesting, because four days previous, I was revisiting memories of my own need to stay in a shelter. I wrote the first post in my new blog and mentioned that I needed a safe place to stay while fighting for my divorce and the right to stay here in the United States. I don’t why, but this brought up mixed feelings and a little tear to my eye….maybe remembering how very sad and scared I was during that time and not having anyone to look after me.

The interesting part was that I could not be helped by any shelter here, when I needed it most, because I was not yet an American citizen, at the time. I only had my driver’s license, but it was not enough to get me into a shelter, or get any kind of help related to my needs. I was helped by two amazing Americans, who gave me a safe place to sleep, and this helped me get myself back together.

Maybe this was the push I needed to keep fighting…no accommodations, no easy life, and no granted money at that time, but I managed to survive. Figuratively speaking, I didn’t wait for help to fall out of the sky. I have always been a hard worker, and during this time was no different. I worked and worked to be able to feed myself and to bring my son back from Brazil to my waiting arms.

The funny part is that years later, I am still working hard, but with a new perspective. I decided to make my own money by being self-employed, in order to enjoy the freedom of working when I wanted, and have a flexible daily schedule.

So, who sheltered whom? For years, I thought that if I was allowed to stay in a woman’s shelter and receive some kind of benefits, I could put myself in a good situation, and recover faster.

Today, I realize that I only made it through with the help from the Creator. Yes, I had to face all that by myself, because I was strong enough to accept things the way they were and to find my way out of it alone. No chances for accommodations, nor resilience.

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“Everything Will Be All Right…”

“Everything Will Be All Right…”

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  Hello Everyone!

My name is Denise, but I like to go by Dee. Gratitude means a lot to me, I am grateful to be here in this moment in time, living on the present moment,  learning how to get free from old believes and feelings that kept me living on the past for way too long. I have moved to United States from my home Country Brazil almost 10 years ago. Only my son and I, to start a new chapter on our lives. By that time my son was 5 years old and I didn’t speak English at all, when moved to here. I barely studied English in Brazil, I studied for 6 month only, which was not enough. I remember when I first got here at the Airport, they had to call a Portuguese Interpreter because I could not help myself… The hard part of being an immigrant, is when you realize you are part of a big web, thousands and thousands immigrants just like you, which don’t speak English well enough or have an accent which makes hard to a non-fluent English speaker to understand… I am in love with my adopted Country United States, the culture and diversity makes me feel big and part of something magic.

Definitely a different approach where I came from, because here I learned how to respect others people point of view and to expect equal treatment. Only someone coming from another culture like mine will understand what I am saying. What I achieved in almost 10 years here, could not pursue in my home Country for almost 30 years… I learned English by myself. Only enrolled in College few years later in 2010, and have my own business and support my son and I by myself.

Have been married once here, this is the reason why my son and I moved to United States. Unfortunately, he was not the “Prince Charming” and I believed in it with all my heart, to the point to leave everything behind in Brazil to start a new life with him here. I have being divorced for almost 8 years now, with a not happy ending. He was extremely abusive and controlling man to the point of to protect my life, I had to look for shelter and later to fight for my rights under the domestic violence laws. The hardest part was, I was an immigrant with no status granted yet, and I had a fiancé visa, which we were going to apply for the “green card” after the marriage. In this mean time, we had lots of ups and downs and he convinced me to send my son back to Brazil for short visit, while we got things straight up. But this short visit cost me two and half years apart from my son. He lied to me, regarding visa status and when my son stepped out of Unite States he lost his rights to come back. The only way I could be reunited with him was when I won a battle against my former husband to grant the divorce under domestic violence and then proceeded with the case to adjust my immigration status under the domestic violence petition, which I could apply for my son’s green card and finally bring him back to me.

Making a decision to stay here and fighting for my rights might not seemed logical at that moment, because I was apart from my son and all alone on an strange Nation but I did stay and not knowing what the results were going to be… I stayed and fought! Today I understand the Creator had a plan for me, everything happens for a reason, only now I understand it. This is why I am here writing to you to let you know that “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT…” just believe in yourself and do what feels right to you. Didn’t mean to be so long on my very first post… Inevitably have a lot to say kind didn’t know where to start but here is, hope you all enjoy it.

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